Confessions of a Guilty Pleasure: Pumpa’s “The A List” Takes Over My Playlist

I’m here to admit something that some might consider a guilty pleasure, but honestly, I couldn’t care less because Pumpa’s “The A List” is a total vibe, and I’m ready to shout it from the rooftops!

It all started one night on the boardwalk in Christiansted harbor St. Croix. “The A List” was blasting from one of the bars and hit me like a ton of bricks. Before I knew it, I found myself succumbing to the irresistible urge to wind my waist and bend right ova, just like the song instructed. I must say, it was a transcendent moment – a blend of infectious beats and an undeniable call to dance that I couldn’t resist.

The catchy lyrics and the energetic rhythm of the song quickly turned “The A List” into an ear worm that refuses to leave my head. It’s the kind of track that plays on a loop in your mind, and honestly, I’m not complaining. I’ve fully embraced the obsession, and I’m not afraid to admit my name ends with an A, so… bend right ova.

And then came the music video – an absolute visual feast that took my fascination to a whole new level. The athleticism of the dancers leave me in awe. I have to give major props to these talented ladies mind-boggling moves. At my age, attempting to replicate most of these dance moves is a major a stretch, but who cares? The video is a celebration of movement, freedom, and pure joy, and I can’t help but be inspired to try.

Sure, I may catch some heat for publicly declaring my love for this song and video, but guess what? I don’t care. “The A List” has a magnetic pull, and I’m proudly surrendering to its rhythm. As St. Thomas Carnival season approaches, I can’t help but daydream about being in the midst of the festivities, fully equipped with my feather back pack and enthusiastic attempts to wind it up.