We all wear masks. Masks to pretend, to hide or just to put our best face forward in a Selfie.

Using conflict as a starting point, I allow the materials take over and construct a mask to protect myself. What may start off as an ugly statement, in the end becomes something beautiful.

I transform found and meticulously collected materials into mixed media works. I like to photograph my process and digitally manipulating these images to extend the narrative as part of my personal mythology.

Fragmented identity juxtaposed with the existence of infinite possibilities is a recurring theme in my work.

See @MissTheda process on Instagram and Snapchat.

Commissions available at the artist’s discretion.


One thought on “Artist Statement

  1. Miss Thesa this is my first time seeing your works and I am so very proud of you sis. You are brilliant and channeling you ur creativity to share your innermost thoughts and some secrets with the masses is truly inspiring! I see your light is still shining bright!

    Eternal love,
    K. Byrd

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