Artist Statement

Microaggressions encompass subtle, often unintentional interactions laden with hostile messages directed at historically marginalized groups. These insidious behaviors differ from overt discrimination in that those committing microaggressions are frequently unaware of their actions. When confronted, they may dismiss the issue, attributing it to oversensitivity, perpetuating the cycle of harm—a microaggression in itself.

As a Black individual, I’ve frequently encountered incidents where people inappropriately touch my hair without consent, reducing me to an object on display. Similarly, I’ve been lauded for being “articulate,” a backhanded compliment that implies a presumption of intellectual incompetence among Black people. These seemingly innocuous encounters, while subtle, carry significant weight, leading to stress, anger, frustration, self-doubt, and a profound sense of powerlessness and invisibility.

In my artistic practice, I employ a blend of freeform weaving, knotting, and wrapping techniques, drawing upon memories, zip ties, vintage neckties, ribbon, yarn, paracord, rope, bottle caps, recycled fishing nets, and even shopping carts. Through repetitive and meditative processes, I seek to initiate dialogues surrounding implicit bias and stereotypes. My work serves as a medium for vanquishing these disempowering impressions, prompting reflection and introspection on the enduring impact of microaggressions in our society.

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  1. Miss Thesa this is my first time seeing your works and I am so very proud of you sis. You are brilliant and channeling you ur creativity to share your innermost thoughts and some secrets with the masses is truly inspiring! I see your light is still shining bright!

    Eternal love,
    K. Byrd

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