Inspired By: Sopheap Pich 

One of my favorite things about the Textile Study Group of NY is it’s guest speaker series. Each month a different artist presents images and shares about their art practice.

This month Sopheap Pich, Cambodia’s most internationally prominent contemporary artist in the global art world spoke about his art practice. He is known for working with local materials such as bamboo, rattan, burlap from rice bags, beeswax, and natural pigments gathered from around Cambodia and for creating sculptures that are inspired by bodily organs, vegetal forms, and abstract geometric structures. 

I found the knowledge he shared about processing bamboo his sculptures educational, especially as I catalog the natural resources available to me in St. Croix. Lots of ideas are percolating.

Knotless Netting

I love when the uniform repetition of diamonds or squares of fishing nets has been torn and darned. The more haphazardly the net is repaired the better, especially if a garish color has been used to sew two nets together.

I have been using half hitches and looping in my work for years to build cordage. Recently I have been wondering what would happen if I start to use my own cordage to make my own nets?

Thanks to YouTube University, I am get a little inspiration as part of my virtual “sketching” and learning process…

Jute Erosion Control Cloth

Loews and Home Depot are my favorite art supply stores.

Jute Erosion Control Cloth is a tough, natural, biodegradable geotextile used to stabilize slopes and control soil erosion.

It is also the latest art supply I am mocking up a few ideas to experiment with…