I’m Counting Down to 6 Weeks Stateside

As the countdown begins, I’m gearing up for an exciting six weeks stateside, packed with artistic endeavors and meaningful engagements. Touching down in New Jersey on April 27th marks the start of a whirlwind of creativity.

My first stop? Installing my work at the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair on April 29th, setting the stage for a showcase of diverse perspectives and artistic voices. From May 1st to 5th, the fair will be abuzz with inspiration and dialogue, offering a platform for African art to shine.

Next I transition into the Touchstone Artist Residency from May 10th to 24th, where I’ll immerse myself into my microaggressions series and exploring new dimensions of expression and healing. This residency promises a fertile ground for experimentation and growth.

An exciting highlight awaits on May 22nd, as I share insights and reflections during a talk on “Free Your Mind” at the Touchstone Center for Crafts—a moment to ignite dialogue and foster understanding through art.

The momentum continues with the opening of “Uncontained: Reimagining Basketry” at the Hunterdon Art Museum on May 19th, an exploration of traditional craft intersecting with contemporary vision.

And marking a crescendo to my journey, I’ll unveil “Free Your Mind” at the Delaware Contemporary during their season opening on June 7th—a celebration of art, expression, and liberation.

When the curtains draw on this enriching chapter, I’ll carry home with me a tapestry of experiences and connections, further fueling my artistic journey on the vibrant shores of STX. Until then, let the adventure unfold.