Textures: The History and Art of Black Hair

I recently Zoomed Kent State University museum’s excellent research in history, fashion, art, and visual culture to reassess the “hair story” of peoples of African descent with KSU Museum with co-curators, Joseph L. Underwood, assistant professor of art history at KSU and Tameka Ellington, associate professor at the School of Fashion at KSU.

To say, I felt seen during the webinar would be a massive understatement.

The talk explored topics such as the preferential treatment of straight hair, the social hierarchies of skin, and the power and politics of display.  

Black hair has long been an visual signifier that has been leveraged, disdained, celebrated, and scrutinized for centuries.

I have been studying exhibition photos on the website. The shape of the combs, product packaging, and masterworks from artists including Sonya Clark, Lorna Simpson, Mary Sibande and Lina Iris Viktor have left me truly inspired to dig out some unfinished rope hair pieces I stashed away at the beginning of the Pandemic.

Sonya Clark
Black Hair Flag, 2010

Things I Learned at Expo Chicago

While at Expo Chicago I met so many interesting people and organizations creating social practice art and making a difference in their community.

This is one of my favs…

Black Creativity

Let me find out that the Black Creativity program at Museum of Science & Industry has been celebrating African American achievement in science, technology, engineering, art and medicine for 50 years.

Throwback: Mannequin

I’ve been binging Criminal Minds on Netflix since Thanksgiving 2021. The film Mannequin hits different now.

Criminal Minds Doll Maker episode gender switch and our unsub, Andrew McCarthy would be diagnosed with schizophrenia, dissociative disorder or something or other. lol

Bottlecap Pearls

In 2020 my artist residency with NOW Friends in Nairobi Kenya was cancelled due to Covid.

I had spent 6 months preparing for this residency, learning Swahili, researching local artists, textiles, and beading techniques.

When I learned that travel would not be possible, I decided to use the time I would have been in Kenya to clean, drill and string thousands of bottle caps into larger-than-life strings of pearls and drape these necklaces on vintage ladders.

Inspired By…

It is a wintery gray outside. So naturally, the colors of these recovered fibers is giving me of warm sunsets at the beach vibes. I can’t wait until I return to St. Croix USVI.

Call For Materials

If you purging and are willing to part with any rope, fishing net, yarn and old old sheets, jeans, ties and colored t-shirts please let know.

I am currently sourcing for old clothes to be transformed into yarn for use in my upcoming projects.