Meet me in St. Croix USVI

For several years, St Croix has been my island escape from life in NY/NJ. St Croix USVI is my real life. We relocated full time in August 2023 and now call St. Croix home.

Sky Garden Gallery’s instagram account will chronicle the possibility of artful living while rediscovering ourselves and rehabbing our off the grid compound in St. Croix USVI.

Upcoming projects, finish installing outdoor kitchen, replace car port with a 20 foot shipping container garage for McCarty’s tools.

If you want to see what we are up to, give us a follow on @skygardengallery

In the meantime, enjoy the view..

I Am A Placemaker

Creative placemaking evokes shared emotions.

Art experiences can transform peoples’ perception of being different into a recognition of being the same, as humans. This inspires mutual trust and understanding, unifying and strengthening community identity and pride.


I was recently reading an artist statement, where the artist described themselves as post-disciplinary.

Huh? I had to look it up…

Post-disciplinary focuses on the institutional aspects of academia and rejects the need for an organizational division of disciplines.

As a self taught artist, without an MFA, I guess that makes me post-disciplinary too.

Bottle Cap Pearls

I make my own world…

My social practice builds community through conversation about shared experiences… via story ribbons tied to a net.

Free Your Mind focuses on exposing microaggressions. The community is invited to share a personal experience with bias to release this interaction from their personal narrative.

So far more than 5000 story ribbons have been collected.

The Inventor of The Shopping Cart

Meet Sylvan Goldman, inventor of the shopping cart.

Oklahoma grocery store magnate Sylvan Goldman invented the shopping cart in 1936 — and went on to become a shopping-cart manufacturer and benefactor of many Oklahoma charities and institutions. 

(Image: State Museum Collection, Sam Flood Collection, Oklahoma Historical Society)

Learn more about him HERE.

I am a collector of random things

I source my materials in bulk through a network of generous friends and family members. In the finished works, I can identify specific bottle cap styles by the individual who collected them for me.

My work is…

My work includes two-dimensional works, sculptural pieces, and installation in which the surface details draw the viewer inward to explore materiality. 

Detail view, Head Full of Joyful Noise, Purple Orchid