Art Life Winning

I have had a see saw week. My dad has being ill and in the hospital with a blood infection. He’s now on the mend. On the other hand, It has been a great week in my art life.

Im planning an art party as part of my family reunion in Barbados this fall. This is one of the locations we are considering for my pop up art show . What do you think?

Its nice to have generous friends like, Matt Galle and Drew Kaklamanos. They introduced me to DB Burkeman, the curator of Paradigm Talent Agency. He has offered to give me a tour of their amazing space.  Here, take a peek.  I will Insta Story my visit so you can join me on the tour too. I’d love to see my art on the walls there.

I also had a studio visit with Mary Birmingham, curator of Visual Arts Center of New Jersey. She is doing a show in September 2018 with Kevin Sampson and a photographer of Outsider Art installations. She invited me to participate. There is a stairwell vestibule for me to transform with my very own installation. Ideas are already percolating.