Triggered Truth & Transformation

Despite the growing commitment to racial equity, the day-to-day experiences of women of color have not improved. Women of color face similar types and frequencies of microaggressions as they did before the BLM.

The weight of these triggers underpins very real consequences… stress, anger, frustration, self-doubt and ultimately feelings of powerlessness and invisibility. These triggers come with a hefty toll of emotional baggage.

Extensions of rope, wrapped, knotted, woven, and embellished with recycled textiles, zip ties, ribbon and yarn, gingerly invite the audience into off the-wall conversations about the “respectability politics” of black hair.  My Emotional Baggage Carts are vessels for this racial trauma.  The act of making, weaves the sting of daily microaggressions into the cart, freeing me from these constraints.

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Triggered, Truth & Transformation

Schweinfurth Art Center:

Exhibition Dates: March 25-May 28, 2023

Location: 205 Genesee St. Auburn, NY

Wa Na Wari

Exhibition Dates: April 22,  2023- July 17, 2023

Location: 911 24th Avenue, Seattle WA 

The Lab at Krasl Art Center

Exhibition Dates: July 1, 2023- September 17, 2023   

Location: 707 Lake Blvd, St Joseph, MI