Newark Arts Festival 2023

How does culture influence the artistic process?

How does culture impact a community? Each of us has our own thoughts, perceptions, behaviors, and expressions based on our lived experience. Adopting a cross-cultural perspective starts with listening and learning from others who are different from us, and appreciating the beauty of how they experience and show up in the world.

The Newark Arts Festival 2023 signature exhibition, open to the public from September 27 through October 29, will provide Cross Cultural Perspectives in a truly powerful way: through the visual arts. This poignant exhibition will enhance each attendee’s cultural experience by providing a rich bounty of diverse viewpoints, artistic mediums, and voices to be valued.

My work Politics of Hair will be on display at the Newark Museum of Art during the festival and I will be at the opening on the 27th.

Cross Cultural Perspectives: Newark Arts Festival 2023

Exhibition Dates: September 27- October 29, 2023

Location: Newark Museum of Art, 49 Washington St, Newark, NJ