JC Friday Art Supply Swap is Coming…

Do you have leftover materials from an art project? Have WAY too much Cadmium White when you need Pastels? Do you have skeins of yarn you are not using? Or supplies from an art practice you no longer use?

We’re on the lookout for art supplies that can be used by someone else. Marie Condo your art supplies and make room for more joy in your life.

Here is how it’s going down:

Start rummaging in your closet and pulling out supplies you want to get rid of.

Come to Sky Garden Gallery’s Art Supply Swap
March 4, 2022, 5pm – 8pm
150 Bay Street, Jersey City, NJ PH9, 10th floor

with your items and trade, them for something else.

DM your Questions to @SkyGardenGallery or @MissTheda on Instagram

Feel free to contact me about specific items I am currently sourcing such as colored T shirts, sheets, fabric, rope, beads….

Swapping starts at 5:00pm. See you then!