I Can’t Even… With These Haters

I’m all about my I Can’t Even, mixed media series right now.  I often encounter petty people who are jealous of me and my many passions. I have even been asked to “dim my light” and be conscious of being “Too Big In A Room” so as not to offend less dynamic people in meetings. I can’t help who I am, but to fit in, I must try, except in my art studio where I am free to be me.

This is what happens when Thievery Corporation poster boards, newspaper, pages torn from Children of Dune, handmade Thai and Japanese paper, We Shall Overcome sheet music, tissue paper and acrylic skins… are found stashed away in my studio while embroiled in a Spring cleaning binge as a means of escape from the petty people I can’t avoid in my life.

Each of the five mixed media canvases are 20″ x 16″ x 1″. Three are currently showing at Open Orange Community Gallery in Orange NJ through June 10th. DM me if you are interested.