Dark Matter

Dark matter takes up an estimated 25% of the vast universe. It is not observable through the human senses. In the darkness of space, its presence is detected by its interaction with gravity and its mass bending light around it, similar to refracted distortions in water. It is an uncomfortable truth that so much exists in our reality, yet so much is beyond our perception.

Like light revealing dark matter in space, the artists in the exhibition use the physicality of their work to present unrepresentable realities and experiences. The artists offer a range of engagement, from providing comfort to illustrating society’s harmful, unacknowledged ills that impact groups differently.

Each artist in DARK MATTER brings personal and systemic concerns to the foreground. By starting with the intangible, the artists render perceptible the dark matter of society.

DARK MATTER features artists Kevin Claiborne, Turiya Magadlela, Jamel Robinson, Nnorom Samuel, Theda Sandiford, Rudy Shepherd, Jairo Sosa, and Roscoè B. Thické III on view Tuesday, January 10th to Saturday, February 11th, with a reception on Friday, January 13th, 2023. Mark your calendar for a performance by Rudy Shepherd takes on Saturday, January 21st, and on Thursday, February 2nd, a special program with Art Noir.

Exhibition Dates: January 13- February 11, 2023

Location: Kates- Ferri Projects, 561 Grand St, New York, NY