Wonder Woman Selfie is Here

I am making a limited run of 18″x24″  Wonder Woman Selfie prints for my store. If you want one, click here.

The original is 48″x36″x2″ on cradled Birch board.

She is made with recycled materials including bottle caps, punched paper, magazine tears, tissue paper, recycled utility bill envelops, beads, glitter, Pink Army men, rhinestones, metallic stars, shoe polish, acrylic medium.

See the Making of Video. DM if you want to make an appointment to see Wonder Woman Selfie in person.

Mixed Media
I LOVE Wonder Woman. I grew up watching the Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman and wanted to be a bad ass too. After seeing Patty Jenkins’s Wonder Woman in Theaters, I knew I had to pattern my next Super Selfie after Wonder Woman