Twilight Off The Bow Installation View

The natural breeze through BWAC’s gallery animating Twilight Off The Bow in Wide Open 11, National Juried show is everything.

I couldn’t be happier with how the piece takes flight on a whisper of wind…

BWAC “Wide Open” Will Open

Good News…. as New York City progresses toward reopening, BWAC gallery in Brooklyn will open the juried show, Wide Open 11, to the public in August 2020.

EXHIBITION DATES: August 15 to September 13.

LOCATION:  499 Van Brunt Street, Door #7A, Brooklyn, NY

Twilight Off The Bow

Wide Open 11

Wide Open 11 is a national juried show, hosted by BWAC and juried by Paulina Pobocha, Associate Curator, Department of Painting and Sculpture, Museum of Modern Art!

Now in its eleventh year and as its name implies, the broad theme of this exhibition looks to explore the idea of “wide open” in all the hidden niches of our collective psyche; It encompasses all the possibilities of knowledge, freedom and love: wide open space; arms wide open; eyes wide open. Yet, as with all things, there is the inevitable opposite: wide open to attack, corruption and failure.

“Twilight Off The Bow” Mixed Media Fiber 100’x 1/2″ 2019

BWAC Wide Open 11: Postponed

Twilight Off The Bow was accepted in the WIDE OPEN 11 art exhibition by juror Paulina Pobocha, Associate Curator in the Department of Painting and Sculpture at The Museum of Modern Art, New York! 

Only thing is, due to covid-19 the show has been postponed until later this summer. I’ll let you know when Opening Day is rescheduled. There will be a reception and juror’s award winners will be announced at the Opening whenever that is. 

BWAC Gallery: WIDE OPEN 11 Show
481 Van Brunt Street
Door 7 (Canal side, through the Pier gate)
Brooklyn, NY  11231


Making Twilight Off The Bow

I invited friends to my studio to wrap yarn, recycled sari thread, ribbon onto cotton rope. 
5 people imbued their essence and became a part of the rope, as we discussed the trials and tribulations of our hair.
Finding a common denominator amongst us all, HAIR.

“Twilight Off The Bow” Mixed Media Fiber 100’x 1/2″ 2019