Art as Catalyst: Part 3

In a society where division often overshadows unity, my practice endeavors to break down barriers and build bridges. It is a commitment to fostering empathy, understanding, and a shared sense of responsibility. By harnessing the transformative power of art, I strive to create a ripple effect that goes beyond the gallery walls and resonates within the hearts and minds of those who encounter it.

My journey as an artist is not just a pursuit of aesthetics; it is a deliberate and conscious effort to contribute to the larger narrative of social change. Through my art, I aspire to inspire, challenge, and mobilize communities towards a collective vision of a more just, equitable, and compassionate world. Art is not the end in itself; it is the tool that propels us towards a brighter and more inclusive future.

Art as Catalyst: Part 2

Through my social practice, I strive to create spaces that transcend the conventional boundaries of artistic expression. I mobilize communities, encouraging them to participate in a collective dialogue about the issues that matter. The power of art lies not just in its visual or auditory appeal, but in its ability to challenge preconceptions, question norms, and inspire action.

Art, as a tool for social change, is not confined to grand gestures or monumental installations. It is found in the subtle nuances of everyday life, in the stories of individuals, and in the shared experiences that bind us together. My work seeks to tap into this collective consciousness, fostering connections that serve as a catalyst for change.

Art as Catalyst: Part 1

In the realm of artistic expression, I find solace in the belief that art is not merely a static entity confined to galleries, canvases, or tapestries. Instead, it is a dynamic force capable of transcending traditional boundaries, sparking conversations, and ultimately fostering social change.

My journey as an artist has led me to embrace a social practice where the aim is clear: to channel the power of art as a tool for mobilization and as a space for critical dialogue.

Art, in its various forms, has the unique ability to captivate hearts, challenge minds, and ignite powerful emotions. It is a universal language that speaks to individuals across cultures and backgrounds. However, my conviction lies in the understanding that art is not the end goal; it is the means to a greater purpose — social change.

In a world marked by complex challenges and evolving societal dynamics, I aim to go beyond the confines of traditional artistic pursuits. By integrating social practice into my artistic journey, I have discovered the incredible potential to engage with communities on a deeper level. Art becomes a bridge, connecting diverse perspectives and providing a platform for unheard voices.

I make my own world…

My social practice builds community through conversation about shared experiences… via story ribbons tied to a net.

Free Your Mind focuses on exposing microaggressions. The community is invited to share a personal experience with bias to release this interaction from their personal narrative.

So far more than 5000 story ribbons have been collected.

Make Fabric Rope with Me

Learn to use old textiles or scrap fabric and turn it into rope.

The process is easy, slightly addictive, and most definitely meditative.

Join me in making rope for an installation at Governors Island Summer 2023 about hair.

Materials provided

Date: JC Friday, March 3rd, 6:00-8:00pm

Location: Art 150, Studio #231, 150 Bay Street, Enter at Provost and 1st Street and ride the elevator to the second floor.

Come see me at JCAST HQ

  • Friday (10/1) 4-7pm 
  • Saturday (10/2) 12-6pm 
  • Sunday (10/3)  12-6pm 

Come see me during at Art 150’s JCAST HQ, enter on the corner of 1st Street and Provost. Ride the elevator up to the second floor. There is lots to see and do.

I have three emotional baggage carts in Pro Art’s Reversed Engineered in the main gallery. One emotional baggage cart in Art House Production’s Renaissance. In the common area lobby you are invited to make strings of beads of recycled bottle caps and interact with my hair sculpture, All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go.

I’ll be around the corner in Studio #231, working on Crossroads Jail Net.

There is plenty to see and collect including mini-baggage carts, affordable monoprints and ice dyed & printed tote bags.

Come see me.

Free Your Mind

Write a statement about implicit bias or a microaggression you have experienced and release this story from your personal narrative.

I will print your story on a ribbon, infusing your essence into the social fabric of a protective blanket.

Save The Date: JC Friday 9/10/21

Join me for an interactive open studio audience participation session, to wrap and hitch knot thousands of yards of recycled yarn onto rope. Your essence will become a part of this hair installation, finding a common denominator amongst us all, HAIR.

WHEN: On Friday September 10, 2021, 6pm- 9pm

LOCATION: 150 Bay Street PH9, 10th floor Jersey City NJ

Also, I will be working in my Art 150 Studio #231 on the second floor of 150 Bay on Saturday, September 11 and Sunday, September 12 from 1:00-6:00pm both days.  Stop by

NOTE: Entrance lobby for the 2nd floor studios is separate from that for the residential units of 150 Bay and can be found at the NE corner of the building, at the corner of 1st St. and Provost St.