How Has The Pandemic Affected My Work?

Ive been asked if the pandemic has affected me several times over the past year and a half…

The pandemic has forced me to rethink my social practice; how I create my work and source my materials are now done with social distancing in mind. Art supply swap meet ups became Glad bag recycled goodie drop offs with the doorman. In person work shops replaced by Zoom studio visits.

The pandemic alone time has given me space to be present to old emotional baggage and say good bye to many lingering conversations that have been inhabiting my head. Creating space for new and old ideas to co-mingle and inspire

Morning Dew

Sunrise and Morning Dew

The ornamental grasses on my roof deck sway gently,
with the breeze.
Holding droplets of dew , while the sun rises.
The light dancing between the high rises,
in boomerang reflection.
Warming the air and evaporating the pearl like droplets,
into vapor.

250′ Cotton rope, yarn, and a string of pearls on 8′ steel structure

All Dressed Up, Nowhere To Go

While in lockdown during the first month of the Pandemic, I decided to organize my closet and clean out my storage unit.

While sorting through my things, childhood memories of playing dress up in my mother’s clothes flooded my brain.

I recreated this moment with this installation.

Four structure, Vintage hat, shoes and bag, 3 ply cotton rope, pears, rhinestones, wrapped rope, yarn, trim, beading on steel structure