Theda’s JCAST 2022

The 32nd Annual Jersey City Art and Studio Tour, will be held Sept 29 – Oct 2 and feature over 1000 artists in 140 locations across Jersey City.

Build a calendar of art outings here on 

AND make a plan to catch up with me and see my art at a couple venues within walking distance from one another downtown Jersey City.

My JCAST shows

Bridge Art Gallery presents the Garden Renaissance @ Nimbus Arts Center. 329 Warren Street, Jersey City

Timeless @ Art House Gallery. 180 Morgan Street (corner of Marin Blvd and Bay St)

Emotional Baggage Cart Installation @ Art 150, studio #231 and common area. 150 Bay Street. Enter at Provost and First Street and ride the elevator to the 2nd floor.

Come see me in person during JCAST

Friday 9/30 – Art150’s Opening reception 5-9pm, visit me in Studio#231. 150 Bay Street, Jersey City. Enter at Provost and First Street and ride the elevator to the 2nd floor.

On Saturday and Sunday come have fun and make art with me.

Drawing inspiration from various beading traditions, we will mix different bottle caps to make a string of colorful oversized beaded necklaces. Your creation will become a part of an upcoming installation celebrating personal adornment.

Saturday 10/1 – Clutch My Pearls 1-6pm, Nimbus Arts Center. 329 Warren Street, Jersey City

Sunday 10/2– Clutch My Pearls 1-6pm, Nimbus Arts Center. 329 Warren Street, Jersey City


I was blown away how the choreographers and dancers used my Ponytails and Door Knocker Earrings as if it is another dancer in their work.

I love how the video was shot and edited. My hair totems have been truly brought to life.

Watch to see for yourself.

The gallery exhibition of PEOPLE PLACE DISRUPTION will be up at the Nimbus Arts Center on Sundays from 11am – 2pm with 20 minute reservable spots through May 22 :

People, Place, Disruption

A Collective Dance/Art Project by Nimbus Dance and Jersey City Artists

A flood of voices: untapped, unheard, enraged. New voices. Young voices. Stifled voices. Voices that stretch the confines of our worldview. Voices that uncover identity. Voices that are exquisite. In People Place Disruption, the artistic voices of a community unite to reflect on the past year. This collective, brought together by Nimbus Dance of Jersey City, includes choreographers, visual artists, video designers, photographers, lighting designers, and filmmakers – a vehicle that summons strength through individual voice and in unified action. People Place Disruption is a multimedia project that illustrates a path forward – unveiled through collective creation.

The artwork of Jennifer Brown, Isabelle Duverger, Myssi Robinson, Melida Rodas, Theda Sandiford, William Stamos, Rachel Terres, Joe Velez will be exhibited in the Gallery at Nimbus Arts Center on Sundays from April 11-May 9

will premiere on April 28th as a virtual event with dance film and discussion as part of Nimbus Dance’s Spring 2021 season: A collaborative work which draws together dancers and choreographers of Nimbus Dance with Jersey City visual artists to reflect back and process the exceptional confluence of social, environmental, health, and economic upheaval that our community, and the world face at present. The project aims to affirm and empower artists and collaborative action, exploring underlying webs between people, place and the disruptive times we live in. 

Tickets available for the performance: HERE