Golden Serenity Tresses

This work weaves together a tapestry of culture and blend of African print fabrics, acrylic yarn, and upcycled textiles. Each meticulously crafted strand intertwines to form a mesmerizing cascade of long, luscious locs of hair, delicately knotted and wrapped around six three-ply cotton ropes. These locs exudes a sense of strength, resilience, and beauty.

December Exhibitions & Beyond


Process and Delight: The New P & D

Exhibition Dates: through December 2

Location: Equity Gallery, 245 Broome St, New York, NY 10002

I Am My Hair

Exhibition Dates: through January 1, 2024

Location: Louis L. Redding Gallery, 800 North French Street, Wilmington DE 19801

Excellence In Fibers

Exhibition Dates: through January 7, 2024.

Location: San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textile; 520 S First St, San Jose, CA 

World of Threads Festival

Exhibition Dates: through January 14, 2024

Location: Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre; 2302 Bridge Rd, Oakville, ON L6L 3L5, Canada


Uncontained: Reimagining Basketry

Exhibition Dates: May 19, 2024 – September 2, 2024

Location: Hunterdon Art Museum, 7 Lower Center St, Clinton, NJ

Exhibiting Artists: Eileen Braun, Anina Major, Leon Niehues, Mo Kelman, Terrol Dew Johnson & Aranda/Lasch, Becca Barolli, Sylvie Alusitz, Hanna Vogel, and Dennis Redmoon Darkeem.