Donate Old Teddy Bears

Do you a have much loved stuffed bear that you are willing to part with?

I am looking for used Teddy Bears of all sizes and condition. I need lots of bears for an upcoming installation.

I will be mummifying each bear with yarn and upcycled textiles preserving the integrity of its inner child.

I can accept drop offs with the doorman for Sky Garden Gallery at 150 Bay Street, Jersey City. Or I can arrange to pick up any donations on Fridays, evenings and on the weekend.

Please comment or DM me to let me know if you have any bears for me. Thank you!

Call For Materials

If you purging and are willing to part with any rope, fishing net, yarn and old old sheets, jeans, ties and colored t-shirts please let know.

I am currently sourcing for old clothes to be transformed into yarn for use in my upcoming projects.

Shopping Cart Recovery

If you live downtown Jersey City and see a lonely shopping car lingering about, please snap and txt/DM a photo and cross streets to me.

Special Thank you Corrine. She recovered this shopping cart accumulating garbage, power-washed it in the rain and stored it in her garage for pick up.

One brisk walk through download JC and this cart has completed the first leg of it’s transformation journey…

Call For Materials

I believe in materiality and sustainability, resulting in an affinity for using recycled materials in my artwork.  My brain sees a re-use opportunity in everything. There are a few things I am currently amassing for ongoing repurposing projects.

I’m looking for abandoned shopping carts, plastic straws, old t-shirts and jeans, large colored bottle caps, pony beads, buttons, ribbon, yarn, bolts of fabric, paracord, fishing net, action figures, old toys and broken jewelry.

If you have access to any of these items, message me and let me know.

PS… yes Im still looking for shopping carts.