Theda’s Exhibition Schedule

Expressive Creative Soul:  on display now through mid March

LOCATION: Bridge Art Gallery; 199 Broadway, Bayonne, NJ 07002, USA

Seven works from my Woman of Wonder collage series. A pure celebration of expression, music, femininity, and belief in oneself.  A confirmation of life repeated as a cannon of ‘I am who I am.’ We often travel to the corners of the planet looking for safe places to BE. When what is actually necessary is a declaration: “We are our own selves!” There is a place for all of our being; the sexy, the demure, the loud and the reticent. On our own terms of being in our own skin when and how we need to be: Ella, Eartha, Grace, Diahann, Billie, and Nina (YES! Nina) taught us and made way for the Cardi’s, Beyonce’s and even Nikki’s of this world. We all fit and there is plenty of room for us. When we make room for ourselves.– 

Cat Woman Forever Size: 36 x 24 x 2 in Acrylic paint, Xerox image transfers, stencil printed deli, paper, paper punched recycled envelops, tissue paper, buttons, glitter appliqués, glitter, embroidered collar on canvas. February 2018

Boot Launch Party @ Space Cowboy February 28th

I’m launching a Wearable Art collaboration with Planet Cowboy based on my painting Future Past. The piece is reimagined as boots—handcrafted in Mexico, embroidered heel to toe.

February 28th 7:00-9:00pm @ Space Cowboy Boots

LOCATION: 234 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012

Pours by Brooklyn’s  Dukes Liquor Box  

#cowboots #wearableart #wherewillyourbootstakeyou 

Open Studio Party @ Garden Level Gallery on March 1st

Join me for a tour of Garden Level Gallery and celebrate my birthday too. Come see my new rope works in progress and maybe try your hand at wrapping some rope. I’lll be demoing rope wrapping at 7:00pm. All are welcome. Step down to #GardenLevelGallery

This is what we will be making

Pro Arts “Identity”… March 5- March 30th

LOCATION: Garden Level Gallery: 315 3rd Street Jersey City, NJ. Between Cole and Monmouth Streets. From Manhattan take the PATH to Groove Street and walk up Newark Avenue.

Wonder Woman Selfie is having herself a moment… She will be on display as part of Pro Arts “Identity” show in Rahway NJ, March 5- 30th. Join me for the Opening Reception on March 10th.

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, March 10, 1-4pm

LOCATION: The Gallery Space; 1670 Irving St.Rahway, NJ

48″x36″x2″ Mixed Media 2017 I LOVE Wonder Woman. I grew up watching the Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman and wanted to be a bad ass too. After seeing Patty Jenkins’s Wonder Woman in Theaters, I knew I had to pattern my next Super Selfie after Wonder Woman

Devine Femme @ MoCADA…….March 8 – April 12

It is amazing what can happen when, I get out of my own way and share my art work. I shared an art post on LinkedIn and invited to participate in Divine Femme at MoCADA museum in Brooklyn, NYC. Jut like that. Social graph = Serendipity…

Over the last 20 years The Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA) has used the visual and performing arts as a point of departure for exploring new artistic production across a variety of disciplines. Through exhibitions and programming, MoCADA incites dialogue on pressing social and political issues facing the African Diaspora and fosters a dynamic space for the creation and continuous evolution of culture. Some notables who have been featured at MoCADA include Terence Nance (Random Acts of Flyness), Wangechi Mutu, Jamel Shabazz, Ava DuVernay, Saul Williams and now me.

Neon Autotune, below was chosen as the main promotional image for the show that is representative of how far (or NOT) society has come in our understanding, recognition, and celebration of the femme form –mind, body, and soul– as a spiritual rite.

LOCATION: 80 Hanson PlaceBrooklyn, NY 11217

EXHIBITION DATES: March 8 – April 12

“Neon Auto Tune” Theda Sandiford Digital Collage on Metallic Photo Paper, AP 14″x11″m 20″x16″ framed

Big Mouth On View

Catch Big Mouth on View at Paradigm Talent Agency NYC Office through the end of February

This body of work is a collection of one sided conversations. As a woman, I find it is often easier to make my way in the world by keeping my mouth shut. To simply grin and bare it when haters, well meaning friends or co-workers say or do something incorrect or insensitive.

As a child, my father would say to me, “Better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt”. So in keeping my mouth shut, I learned, to be seen, and selectively heard.

With ‘Big Mouth’, I am all of it. The sass, the crass, the erudite and more than that, aware. Aware of the language used to quiet me down. To remind me of what is and most importantly, what isn’t being said.

Window Display, Down The Shore

Ever been advised to keep your “big mouth shut” and remain silent? Or to be mindful how “big In The Room” you are?
Well, I say to hell with that. Say what needs to be said. Do you…