Women of Wonder, never do it alone but rather, light the way. In society, the word ‘bitch’ is faintly whispered by both male and female peers and a potential nemesis, but more often spoken via ‘quiet words’, ‘come to Jesus’ talks or for the unlucky few, a performance review that gets her ‘pushed out’.
In interpersonal relationships, it can take us from a prized prospect to paramour, feeling
intimidated or even placed on a pedestal never to be retrieved. And then again… there is
possibility. A place where women can show and are celebrated for their gifts. However, it is only when they recognize or connect with these attributes and themselves, that true ‘Wonder’ is possible. The ‘Wonder Woman’ series began in a manner that all great things do, with personal reflection.

The original ‘Wonder Woman Selfie’ (48”x36”x2” mixed media on cradled Birch board) reflects the best of what a person can see in themselves and projects it, so that you too can see your own best self. It is the beginning of a journey into the Universe of Self. Joseph Campbell has written and discussed the ‘Hero’s journey’. In the world of Women, the ‘Heroine’s journey’ has been played out over the time, space continuum allowing for the expansion and contraction of ideas, as such.

This ‘Selfie’, introspection allows for the internal dialogue of an archetype of Woman. The Woman who has been told to be beautiful, yet quiet or be smart while being invisible. This work turns this story on its literal head. This is a Woman with a multitude of ideas and ways of being. Once we are clear on who we are, there is no longer enough room in our journals and inner circles to hide who we really are.

The mere size of Wonder Women tapestry 10’x 8’(Rayon fabric embellished with recycled bottle caps, pony beads, mirrors, buttons, crystal beads, embroidery thread and fabric trim) moves beyond nuance and subtlety of introspection. She is the embodiment of community, generations, genders (binary and not), and the passage of time. Through what has been referenced historically as ‘sewing circles’; 20 people gathered over a month’s time to create ‘knowingness’ through embroidering, hand sewing and learning. Skills being shared, taught and imprinting their souls, together and into this work.
And yet, we still require more of our Selves to step into possibility. We as women must have room. To breathe, shine and affirm, ‘I am who I am.’ We often travel to the corners of the planet looking for safe places to BE. When what is actually necessary is a declaration: “We are our own selves!” There is a place for all of our being; the sexy, the demure, the loud and the reticent. On our own terms, being in our own skin when and how we need to be. We all fit and there is plenty of room for us. When we make room for ourselves.