Close Your Eyes and Listen …

Sitting on my deck, enjoying the gentle warmth of the raindrops on my skin, I closed my eyes, letting myself be carried away by the soothing rhythm of the rain. Suddenly, my peaceful moment was interrupted by a unfamiliar sound. It was Amazon, shuffling through a playlist by Herbie Hancock, and then I heard “The Jungle Line.”

Intrigued, I opened my eyes and asked Alexa for more information. She told me it was from Herbie Hancock’s album “River: The Joni Letters,” released in 2007 as a tribute to Joni Mitchell. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t discovered this song or album before.

As the music continued, I found myself drawn in by its complexity. Joni Mitchell’s lyrics vividly depicted the blend of urban life and natural wilderness, while Leonard Cohen’s distinctive recitation added depth. And then there was Hancock’s skillful keyboard work, weaving intricate rhythms and atmospheric sounds together.

In moments like these, when the rain and music merged, I felt a profound connection to something greater – a fusion of nature and melody. It served as a powerful reminder of the unexpected beauty that can be found in simple moments of life.