St. Croix… So Nice

To say I’ve been grinding since the beginning of the new year is an understatement. Hustle harder vibes have me I’m feeling extra spicy and on edge.

Leaving the Calm app behind for beach breezes, the sound of the waves and the chirping birds as my morning wake up call in St. Croix is the restorative respite I need.

The assignment…

  • Picking mangoes, avocados and soursop
  • Breakfast on the beach
  • Swim with turtles
  • Blue Mountain hiking trail right out back
  • Farmers market soca party
  • Sailing to Buck Island
  • St. Croix Yacht Club hang
  • Farm to table dinners
  • Instal outdoor kitchen at Sky Garden Retreat
  • Point Udall Sunrise and Sunsets from Cane Bay