I make my own world…

My social practice builds community through conversation about shared experiences… via story ribbons tied to a net.

Free Your Mind focuses on exposing microaggressions. The community is invited to share a personal experience with bias to release this interaction from their personal narrative.

So far more than 5000 story ribbons have been collected.

I am a collector of random things

I source my materials in bulk through a network of generous friends and family members. In the finished works, I can identify specific bottle cap styles by the individual who collected them for me.

My work is…

My work includes two-dimensional works, sculptural pieces, and installation in which the surface details draw the viewer inward to explore materiality. 

Detail view, Head Full of Joyful Noise, Purple Orchid

My work is…

My work is the celebration of the alchemy that occurs when disparate materials are assembled to create something new, more beautiful, and more purposeful.