Im a National Leaders of Color Fellow

Imposter syndrome was telling me I was not accomplished enough to apply, but then I applied anyway and forgot all about my submission until today…

I just found out I was selected as the U.S. Virgin Islands Fellow for the 2023-24 National Leaders of Color Fellowship Program, representing the Mid Atlantic Arts (MAA) jurisdiction.

The National Leaders of Color Fellowship is a transformative leadership development experience curated by the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF) to establish multicultural leadership in the creative and cultural sector.

Selected fellows receive access to specialists in the field, strategic learning objectives determined to deepen thought on anti-racist and culturally-oriented leadership practices, and national-level network and cohort building.

Upon completion of the 8 month program, participants transition to alumni status and have opportunities to collaborate in their region as advisors, funding panelists, and/or other professional capacities.