Knotless Netting

I love when the uniform repetition of diamonds or squares of fishing nets has been torn and darned. The more haphazardly the net is repaired the better, especially if a garish color has been used to sew two nets together.

I have been using half hitches and looping in my work for years to build cordage. Recently I have been wondering what would happen if I start to use my own cordage to make my own nets?

Thanks to YouTube University, I am get a little inspiration as part of my virtual “sketching” and learning process…

Inspired By…

Fishing nets.

I buy retired authentic nylon commercial fishing nets for my work. Most nets get approximately 2 years of use before they lose integrity from being torn and repaired too many times.

I find the flexibility of the grid, fascinating. Everytime I look, i see something different in the lines.

Call For Materials

If you purging and are willing to part with any rope, fishing net, yarn and old old sheets, jeans, ties and colored t-shirts please let know.

I am currently sourcing for old clothes to be transformed into yarn for use in my upcoming projects.

Blacky Black Blanket

Precision tied black zip-ties on 10’x5′ black fishing net draped over 8′ steam armature….

The blanket is weighty and casts light shadows against the wall.

Part of a new series of works exploring the impact of implicit bias.