Liquid Ice: A Ode to a Storm

As the gray storm clouds rolled across the sea towards the shore, the air grew thick with anticipation. The waves, once calm and rhythmic, now transformed into restless giants, whipped into a frenzy by the impending tempest. Liquid ice, carried within the heart of the storm, seemed to chill the very atmosphere.

The wind, a herald of the approaching deluge, howled through the air, tousling the sea’s surface and creating a chaotic dance of spray. Seabirds scattered, seeking refuge from the turbulence, their usual graceful flight replaced by a hurried scramble for safety.

On the horizon, the merging of sea and sky became blurred, as if nature itself couldn’t contain the brewing forces. The distant rumble of thunder underscored the power of the approaching storm, a prelude to the symphony of rain and wind that would soon envelop the coast.

As the first raindrops fell, each liquid bead carried the essence of the storm, leaving a shimmering trail on the surface of the sea. The world seemed to hold its breath, poised between the calm before, and the tumultuous after, as the gray storm clouds continued their relentless march towards the awaiting shore.

Liquid Ice with Kate-Ferri Projects at 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair

Liquid Ice was the first work I completed after relocating to St. Croix last Fall. Begun in May 2023 and completed by September of the same year, this piece embodies the dynamic energy of the island and the tumultuous beauty of its environment.

Crafted from a unique blend of materials, including recovered marine tow line, delicate cowrie shells, macrame cord, acrylic yarns, and shimmering metallic rayon fabric, Liquid Ice is a multi-dimensional exploration of texture and form. These elements are meticulously knotted, crocheted, wrapped, and draped upon three-ply cotton rope, employing techniques that blend textile traditions with innovative recycling and reimagining.

Central to Liquid Ice’s narrative is the symbolism of loc-ed hair cascading like waves in the wind during a storm—a poignant reflection of the resilience and adaptability inherent in both nature and human experience. Liquid Ice invites viewers to contemplate the interplay between beauty and adversity, strength and vulnerability.

1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair

Dates: May 2-5

Gallery: KATES-FERRI PROJECTS, Booth #7, KATES-FERRI PROJECTS presents MATERIALISTIC, a three-person presentation of artworks from Turiya Magadlela, Samuel Nnorom and Theda Sandiford at 1-54NY Contemporary African Art Fair, Booth #7, 601 West 26th Street, NY, 10001 on view Thursday, May 2 until Saturday, May 5, 2024.

Location: 601 W. 26th St. NYC, Kates-Ferri Projects Booth #7

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Storm Clouds Over Cane Bay

The storm clouds, heavy with the weight of untold narratives, loomed ominously overhead, as if whispering secrets of far-off lands and ancient legends lost to time. Their tumultuous presence infused the atmosphere with an electric anticipation, evoking a sense of mystery and wonder that stirred the imagination and beckoned the soul to embark on a journey through the realms of imagination and memory.

Pitchy Patchy

Drawing upon the vibrant tapestry of St. Croix’s Old Time Christmas Festival and its rich tradition of masquerade, Pitchy Pathcy is a soft fiber sculpture crafted from upcycled Patagonia shorts shredded then wrapped in a melange of textures and hues.

Infused with the spirit of the Pitchy Patchy mas character, known for its tattered, multicolored attire, this piece intertwines 4-ply worsted wool, soft rainbow wool, and whimsical eyelash yarn. Adorned with a medley of wooden and metal beads, cowrie shells, and hair jewelry, it pays homage to the enigmatic enforcers who animate the carnival’s bustling energy.

Assembled with reverence, this soft sculpture bridges the gap between tradition and innovation, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the magic of masquerade.

Vestiges of Masquerade

“Through ‘Vestiges of Masquerade,’ I delve into the echoes left behind after the festivities have ended and the costumes have been put away. This work embodies artifacts, adornments, and symbolic imagery that resonate with the essence of a masquerade. This piece serves as a totem, evoking a profound sense of mystery, allure, and wistful remembrance, inviting viewers to explore the enchanting world of masquerades long after the masks have been removed.

Pitchy Patchy

I recently completed this soft fiber sculpture inspired by my research into the history of St. Croix’ Old Time Christmas Festival masquerade costumes which were themed and handmade.

The Pitchy Patchy character is usually represented by a suit made of tattered, colorful pieces of cloth.

Collective Resilience

Free Your Mind is a collective expression of resilience, a visual testament to the shared experiences of individuals who have faced microaggressions.

It is through this communal act of storytelling, participants find catharsis and the opportunity to reclaim a sense of agency.