The Best Of Old School Soca mixed by DJ STYLEZ

I’m often asked what I’m listening to in the studio while I work. There’s nothing like the energy of classic soca tunes to elevate my artistic spirit.

Distant familiar tunes from yesteryears carry memories and stories, creating a nostalgic atmosphere in the studio. It’s like taking a trip down memory lane while I’m in the zone, allowing me to tap into a reservoir of emotions that enriches my creative process.

Next time you find me in the studio, you can bet these classic soca vibes will be echoing through the threads and colors. 🎵🎨

Track List: 01.Krossfyah- All Aboard 02.Burning Flames- Chook & Dip 03.Krossfyah- She Body In Control 04.Krossfyah- Oil Pumpin 05.Burning Flames- Workey Workey 06. Square One- Aye Aye Aye 07.Onyan- Whoop Whaps 08.Jam Band- Dimond 09.Burning Flames- Juantanamera 10.Militant-Passion 11.Square One- Hands Up 12.Rupee- Blame It 13.Shayne Bailey- Let Go Me Man 14.Square One- Iron Have Me So Bazodee 15.Rupee- What Happen In De Party 16.Kevin Lyttle- Turn Me On 17.Machel Mantano ft Mr Vegas- Dance With You 18.Bomani- Ah Not Going (Down There Tonight) 19.Destra- Who The Hell Is Kim(Wrong Name)

Why I Love Textiles…

I can’t help but marvel at the incredible role textiles play in carrying the torch of tradition. It’s like they have this magical ability to bridge gaps—be it cultural, temporal, or geographical. Textiles aren’t just fabrics; they’re storytellers, weaving together a vibrant tapestry of history, techniques, and artistry that breaks through boundaries.

Take a moment to appreciate the intricate patterns adorning traditional indigenous garments, the meaningful Ankara motifs gracing ceremonial textiles, or the subtle, timeless codes hidden within quilts. Each thread, each stitch, is a vessel carrying the essence of our heritage, traversing the vast canvas of human experience.

As these textiles unfold their stories, they become tangible links across time and diverse cultures. It’s a beautiful dance—threads weaving through the loom of different traditions, connecting the past to the present. And here’s the magic: they don’t just stop there. They effortlessly extend into the future, allowing traditions to intermingle and unfurl seamlessly.

So, let’s celebrate the enchanting journey of textiles—their ability to carry the weight of history, to stitch together cultures, and to create a fabric that binds us all. Every weave tells a story, and every pattern echoes the whispers of our shared heritage. 🌐🧵