The Antenna Grant for Women in the Arts

The Antenna Grant for Women in the Arts offers financial support and mentorship for young women of color pursuing an education, training, and/or career in the visual arts (sculpture, 2-dimensional work, drawing, painting, textiles, film, installations, murals, etc). Awards are based on artistic merit, evidence of commitment to a career in the arts, and financial need.

This grant is for female-identifying visual artists between the ages of 16-23. Priority will be given to women of color and those with financial need (documentation may be required).

Applicants must have a home address in Jersey City, or be pursuing their education in Jersey City.

Grantees will be required to submit reports of their progress at the end of the scholarship period.

Use of Grant

A scholarship of up to $1,500, which can be put towards artistic training and growth, including but not limited to: educational programs, college, materials, self-education, studio space, lessons, projects, etc.

The scholarship period runs for 6 months (starting in January 2023). During that time grantees will be provided mentorship opportunities with professional women artists, including a welcome luncheon, opportunities to visit professional artist studios, virtual consulting, and collaboration on next steps at the end of the scholarship period.

Grant Panelists

The Antenna Grant review panel will include local artists, ME, Theda Sandiford, Danielle Scott, and Shamona Stokes.

Deadline to apply is November 13, 2022.


Jersey City Arts and Culture Trust Fund Grant

I am honored and humbled to be included in Jersey City’s first round of Arts and Culture Trust Fund grants.

Thank you

and congratulations to all the awardees; Alon Nechushtan, Bryant Small, Cheryl Gross, David Kikoski, David Solan, Deborah Jack, Douglas Beavers, Eileen Ferara, Gianluca Bianchino, Jin Jung, Katarzyna Skorynkiewicz, Kishawn Jack, Lorenzo Pickett, Michele Byrd-McPhee, Natalia Basava, Richard la Rovere, Roosevelt China, Shamona Stokes, and Zachary Davis.

photo credit Amoz Wright

Art Goals for 2020

I love making art but I love finding my art new homes even more. With McCarty’s help, this will be the year we maximize Shopify’s marketing automation tools and revenue on Yes, this means I’ll recommit to Instagram and post at least once a day.

Use this space to document my preparation and participation in Kenya Friends Art Residency this July 2020… Ive already started studying Kiswahili on Duolingo. And created a Pinterest Inspiration board so you can see where my head is at. More to come, as I to learn to cook ugali and map out my adventure.

Apply for and Win a grant to further develop, I Am My Hair Art Workshop. I want to take my workshop to Atlanta, Nashville and Austin. And create a catalog documenting the stories and people who participate in the workshop.

I live art-ed making a Vision Board at SXSW in 2007 (I think that was the year). I want to up the ante and run I Am My Hair workshop at SXSW in 2021. I need help capturing video of me working in studio and editing a clip I can submit as part of a multimedia application for SXSW Art Program 2021. Any volunteers? I can barter with art, a delicious meal and wine paring.